Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hacking my Hakko

Hakko 936 LED Mod

So I've come home once again, to find, yet again, that after tinkering with some new toys I've left my soldering iron on ALL DAY yet again...

And this time I'm taking care of business!  (I'll talk about the toys later).

Saturday, 11 June 2016

ESP8266-01 Programming Jig

 Getting Jiggy With it

So, about three years ago(!) I rigged up a controller for my roller doors, and my daughter mentioned that it would be cool if I could open them using my phone. 

My initial thoughts were to use a Bluetooth to serial adaptor and just use a keyboard app to send an open command.

And after getting delivery from eBay of a great HC06 module, I realised I was screwed by Apple.  

No my iPhone 4 wouldn't connect to the HC06 and I wasn't going to upgrade my phone to take advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy either.

So I went searching for a solution that would work, not just on my phone, but on any mobile device.  This is part of the story as to how I got there....

This will not do at all...