Saturday, 30 March 2013

Basic Protection


For a recent project I'm working on, I wanted to add some basic IO protection.  The requirements for this were:

  • As usual, it had to be cheap
  • It had to be bi-directional.  The pin to protect was configurable as either input or output.
  • Provide short circuit protection
  • Provide over-volt protection
  • Provide reverse bias protection
  • It also has to be cheap

Monday, 18 March 2013

Missed it by *that* much...

I've always loved Get Smart.  I always felt just a little bit sorry for Max, when he'd try so hard and *just* miss out... but then you'd cheer when it all came together for him in the end.

It's a bit like how I feel about Tag Connect.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Awesome Coffee

So my mate, Mark, wanted to roast some coffee.

Did I mention he own's his own Cafe and wants to roast 10kg's at a time?

Funny thing is, whenever he got into a conversation about making his own roaster, just about every time someone would say 'That's Awesome'.  So the mighty roaster was named.


Told you it's Awesome!

The Not So Obvious Telephone

Yep, after practising engineering for 18 odd years, I'm still (too) often dumbfounded about how simple things work. Like the telephone. Been around since 1876, and didn't require electronics as we know it to work - just batteries, wires and coils.