Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Stencil Success!

So I'd managed to knock up a pair of solder paste stencils, and now it's time for the moment of truth:  can I actually manage to lay down pastes and successfully solder some parts on?

Plastic Not-So Fantastic

In my last past, I made mention that I'd only intended to test the plastic stencil if the metal one failed.  Well, I got in-touch with my inner feminist and decided to start with the plastic stencil after all.  Why?  Well, the plastic sat flush with the boards, and I was thinking I'd probably not need the top frame in my Jig.

Sitting Pretty

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stencil Mania

Living in Australia....

...has a whole load of advantages, but one thing that sucks is that we are far from everyone else.  So once I've ordered my parts, I have to wait a while for the bits to arrive.  

And that usually gets me thinking.  Well, reading articles on the internet is kind of like thinking....


There are some pretty talented and smart people out there, and I've recently read about some examples of DIY Solder Paste stencils.  Both of these guys have achieved some pretty impressive results, and with my upcoming projects, I started to think that the use of solder stencils might just save me some time.  

While I can hand solder SMD parts, and when set up I've been able to knock off over 100 parts an hour, it's bloody fatiguing.  Plus I have this hot air tool I picked up from eBay that I haven't tried yet either... so I began to hatch a plan.

However, rather than muck around with etching and all the drama that comes with using chemicals (e.g. negative WAF) I thought I'd give it a shot milling out a stencil at work.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Double or Nothing!

Double or Nothing!

As I talked about last time, in my last Seeed order I organised multiple designs in the one PCB service.  In this blog I want to let you know how I went from this:

Two for One

To This!