Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Boards!

New Boards

My next bunch of boards from Seeed studio have arrived.  Here's some shots of parting out the prototypes from 10 x 15 cm panels.

Build and test info coming... as soon as I build and test.

Holding Jig

A 4 Channel Fully Isolated Meter, Cheater Dice, and Alarm Interface V2.

Panels Include End Plates for the Final Assembly

D'oh, cut the jig on the outside, not inside...

Sloppy fit is NBG, inside cuts happening in the background

Tight Fit.  Much Better.

Machining the Board Cutouts

Nice and Repeatable!  LPKF FTW!

Parted Out.  Yes!

2mm Radius on Mill

Trail Fit in $5 case.  Win!

The Other Side of the Meter

Alarm  Interface V2

Board Got Crowded!

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