Monday, 30 June 2014

More on Alarm Panel Interfacing

I've Been Busy...

I haven't had the chance to update things for a while, but for those interested, I'd like to share some build pictures of my Alarm Interface.  And yes, it's working and in service, with a nice programming GUI. (Links at the end - code will be up "soon").

Teaser Render!

Why the new prototype?  After eating up all the RAM in the previous version, we switched the micro up to the ATMEGA2560-16AU.  The other advantage is that it has dual serial ports.  The previous version, using the ATMEGA32-U4 used a terminal connected to the USB port, and for debugging this was a pain in the ass.

This unit was installed at my mates house, and you can see the temporary installation here, and the programming tool here.

Once we've let it run for a month or so, the source code for the SMS Interface, and the Programming tool
will be released.  Watching for bugs at the moment!

But anyway, still busy - here's some build pics and I'll post details about the differences between this and the previous version later.


More Bits

What do you do when you have an Odd Value resistor?

Tack two together!  Yes I managed stand two 0603's together :)

Damn - the trimpot even fits the front panel!

Unorthodox trimpot mounting, but it works.

Switched to Mini, not Micro USB

Nearly There....

SMA connector spacing wasn't correct.  Solder Bridges to the rescue!

Even fits in the case!

The other end.


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  1. Hi Simon, it would be useful to use the GPRS to connect with eg: twitter.
    Would prove but the pcb is putting together: '(